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Conditions of Use:

General Terms and Conditions Definitions: 

The parties

“Buyer” is used in the following on the natural person, who is acting primarily outside his profession and by placing an order by Dino A/S makes an offer to purchase and delivery of certain goods.

“Dino A/S” is used in the following both on the natural or legal person who, by order confirmation accepts the order from the Buyer and sells the ordered products.

Furthermore “Dino A/S” is used on the website from which products are presented and purchased. 


Product information:

On Dino A/S the essential characteristics of the product is disclosed, for further information or questions to the existing data, please send an e-mail to Dino A/S info@dino.dk 



All prices are fair prices and only valid on date of order. Therefore, price changes may occur. All prices listed are inclusive of VAT at 25%. 



Presentation of products with a price at Dino A/S is not a binding offer, but merely an invitation to make offers.

Buyer ordering goods from Dino A/S does not constitute a binding acceptance, but a binding offer to Dino A/S to buy goods at the stated conditions.

A binding agreement between Buyer and Dino A/S is only concluded when Dino A/S in an order confirmation accepts the Buyer bidding. 



The account information you enter when purchasing goods will be sent directly to NETS in encrypted form (SSL) which only you and NETS can read. There is nobody else who sees or stores information about you.

By purchase with credit card the amount is deducted from your account as soon as the goods are leaving Dino A/S.


Credit cards:

Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard and American Express.


The risk of accidental loss or deterioration:

Only at the time when the goods are brought into Buyers possession, passes the risk that the order is destroyed or damaged due to accidental circumstances, to the buyer. 



Dino A/S provides according to Danish Sale of Goods Act a right of complaint for up to 2 years from date of invoice on construction and material defects. Complaint Court does not cover defects, damages or wear and tear directly or indirectly caused by wrong operation, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized operation.  

The invoice must be presented to Dino A/S in connection with filing the complaint. Any complaints of defects on delivered products should, after the Buyer has or should have discovered the defect, be filed to Dino A/S within a reasonable period. Otherwise the Buyer will lose his right of complaint. The Buyer must specify and on demand show where the defect is.


Disclaim of responsibility and warranty:

Dino A/S has made it easy for you to get relevant information from other websites through links. These websites are outside the control of Dino A/S. We can therefore under no circumstance be held responsible for the content of these pages. Information on the goods ordered from such websites are not included in the description of the goods in the agreement between Buyer and Dino A/S. Seller is not liable for any direct or indirect losses due to the order coming too late to the Buyer or the goods having defects, when the delay or the defects are caused by Buyer’s operation or omission or circumstances which are outside Dino A/S’s control such as war, rebellion, fire, interference from the state, confiscation, currency restrictions, labour disputes of all kinds including strike and lockout or similar. Dino A/S provides no specific warranty for the ordered goods and the Buyer only obtains the warranties, which the manufacturer provides to the Buyer. 


Right of regret:

If the Buyer informs Dino A/S of his regret of the purchase within 14 days after delivery, Dino A/S repays the amount received. By goods returned ufranco or cash on delivery (COD) receipt will be rejected. By returning the goods please use DPD – no alternative package distributors, as this makes it possible to make a parcel tracking, if the package should be lost during return transportation. The product must be returned, properly packed – along with a copy of the invoice clearly stating that you want to make use of your right to regret and that you therefore wish to have the price of the article repaid.

You can also regret your purchase by rejecting receipt of the consignment.

Those return rules apply to all goods sold by distance (to individuals) – it does not apply to products collected in our store nor products sold business to business.


Reservation for changes:

Dino A/S reserves the right to change and update the rules and conditions for this website. It is therefore important that you continually keep yourself informed of any modifications.



Abuse of Dino A/S can lead to report to the police. 

When shopping at DINO A/S - shop, using our Internetshop, you must accept that a final buying agreement will not be made before an employee from the company have processed your order. DINO A/S - shop reserves its right to cancel an order, due to sold-out products, wrong pricing, products not available, risk of credit card fraud or in other cases.